What are seo site checkup ?

An SEO site checkup is one of the first things that your SEO consultant will do before anything else. This allows him to determine what needs to be fixed and what can be left alone. Some of the most common issues that SEO professionals encounter when performing an audit of a site are the following:

– absence of site map

– slow loading pages

– unoptimized mobile version of the site

– unresponsive website

– lack of content and duplicate content

– confusing navigation page

– spammy backlink profile

– absence of social media profiles

Not all sites have this problem but those that are just starting out will usually have these issues. Your SEO consultant may first talk to you about SEO vs SEM and describe the difference between the two. SEO focuses more on the site while SEM is more geared towards outreach.

Once your SEO consultant is done with the SEO site checkup, he may begin to research for keywords using an SEO keyword tool. An SEO keyword tool will help him determine what keywords will give you the best chance of being found by search engine crawlers.

Aside from ensuring that your site is presentable to users, your SEO consultant will also ensure you’re your social media presence is up to date. He maty employ YouTube SEO or Facebook SEO. This depends on what social media platform best fits your business.

Always communicate with your SEO consultant to ensure that the action steps he takes are aligned with your business goals.

What are seo services ?

To get the best value for your money, your SEO consultant should be able to perform basic SEO services. These are the same services that many SEO companies offer but with an SEO consultant, they are executed at a freelance level.

Since you are working with an SEO consultant, he may need to perform a bulk of the tasks that need to be done on the site. It’s either that or you hire people to work below him to help him do menial tasks like writing an SEO meta description, reaching out to bloggers for SEO link building, SEO writing, and more.

If the SEO consultant does all these, it may take him more than a month to finish it. But with SEO juniors working below him it’s possible to accomplish it in just two weeks.

Because an SEO consultant can work at a higher level, he may utilize tools such as an SEO analyzer to help him make important decisions. These decisions could be as simple but as crucial as where the contact information should appear, where the images should be placed, or what social media platforms the site should have.

When working with an SEO professional, it’s important to discuss with them what your expectations are as well as listen to them about what services have to offer. This helps you to adjust your expectations accordingly and for the SEO professional to supplement his knowledge so he can perform what needs to be done.

What is seo report ?

At the beginning of the job search, “submitting report” should be one of the tasks that you include in the SEO job description. This helps the SEO consultant to know what your expectations are.

When working with an SEO consultant, it’s important that they present to you an SEO report at the end of every month. This outlines what improvements they have done to your site and what else needs to be worked on.

Because SEO can be quite technical, your SEO consultant must be able to talk to you about certain points that you may not understand. It’s either that or they make sure that their report is written in layman’s terms.

When creating a monthly report, your SEO consultant (real seo hero) may use an SEO software to automate the process. There is nothing wrong in doing this but your SEO consultant should be able to tweak it so it is at least presentable to you as their client.

The report will usually contain the progress a site has made such as site speed, number of visits per page, ranking change in search engines, and etc. It may also contain other details such as the SEO backlinks he has acquired during the outreach process.

It is important to bring up any concerns you may have during the reporting stage so that your SEO consultant can apply changes to the campaign where there is needed. He may discuss SEO vs SEM with you to emphasize the importance of each or may focus on building your social media presence.

What are seo ranking factors ?

There are several things that make up a well-optimized site. Before hiring a freelance SEO, it’s important that you know what SEO ranking factors are. This gives you an idea on what to prioritize as well as qualify the right SEO consultant depending on what their priorities are.

One of the biggest search engines, Google, looks into so many factors. Below are just some of the things that they consider when ranking your site:

– domain age

– bounce rare

– dwell time

– keyword in title tag

– keyword in h1 tag

– content length

– page loading speed

– user-friendly layout

– breadcrumb navigation

– mobile optimized

– guest posts

– diversity of backlinks

– natural link profile

– local searches

– social media shares

Once you have hired an SEO consultant, he may begin to use an SEO analyzer to see what tweaks your site needs. He may also use other software to perform other tasks such as studying your top competitors, checking your backlink profile, and finding high authority sites related to your niche.

He may also perform additional tasks such as Facebook SEO or influencer marketing. While these steps are not a requirement, they serve as an additional step that can help to further your site’s ranking in search engines.

Whether it’s to establish a social media presence or gain more traffic to your sales page, SEO ranking factors play a huge role in helping you achieve your goals.

What is seo process ?

The SEO process is not a uniform one as not all businesses have the same goals and not all SEO consultants have the same SEO techniques.

In this article, we will discuss the general SEO process. It begins with the business owner and the SEO consultant discussing what the goal of the site is. This helps the SEO consultant know what to prioritize first.

If your site is an e-commerce site that’s available in many countries, he may perform multilingual SEO. If your site already meets the standard SEO requirements, he may proceed directly to doing offsite SEO in order to help increase your organic SEO.

While different businesses have different priorities, some basics that need to be covered include technical SEO, on-page SEO, and off-page SEO.

Your SEO consultant may need to work with a developer in order to perform some technical SEO tasks. Some technical SEO tasks include creating a robots.txt file, resizing images, fixing broken links, optimizing the site for mobile, etc.

Next is on-page SEO. This is the act of looking into the site to see if the content is optimized for search engines and crawlers. Your SEO consultant may check for keywords, contact information, and links, etc.

Once all the on-site basics are covered, your SEO consultant will finally move on to off-page SEO which is a continuous process that can take more than 6 months to do before you start seeing real results.

It’s important to speak with your SEO consultant about his process so you know exactly what to expect from the onset.

What is seo optimization ?

SEO optimization is one of the basic things that an SEO manager (or seo hero) will do on your site. It’s one of the first and most important things an SEO consultant will do because your site is what represents your business.

Forget off-page SEO or YouTube SEO. If your onpage SEO isn’t in tip-top shape, there’s no point in doing SEO at all. This is why your SEO consultant must focus on your site before doing any outreach.

He may start by doing a technical check of your site. He may check for the following:

– if the site loads fast enough

– if the site has a sitemap

– if user navigation is easy

– if important pages have content in them

– if the right keywords are used in the content

– if the site’s images have the right keywords

– if the backlink profile contains low quality spammy links

– if the site has contact information

These are just the basics. By checking for these, your SEO consultant can perform the required actions in order to help your site rank in search engines. In return, your site gains SEO traffic which would be impossible to gain if it weren’t for the tweaks

After the basic SEO optimization has been performed, your SEO consultant can now proceed to doing outreach. This is meant to increase your site’s ranking even further by linking to high authority blogs who can help increase your site’s authority.

What is seo marketing ?

SEO marketing is the act of persuading your target buyers to look into your product or service by making your site visible on top of search engine results.

Your SEO consultant may call it search engine marketing or online marketing. However you call it, its goal is to attract more traffic into your site. More traffic means more potential sales.

When hiring an SEO consultant to help you with SEO marketing, it’s important to look at the SEO services that they provide. Some of the most basic tasks they should be able to perform include keyword research, page optimization, SEO link building, and local citation.

It’s important that you know what skills your SEO consultant has. If they don’t have the basic skills, they could be detrimental to your business.

Once you’ve chosen an SEO consultant, it’s time to perform SEO marketing in your site. He may use tools like an SEO checker to perform basic tasks such as keyword research.

A more advanced step to SEO marketing would be to work with influencers. An influencer is more than just a person who owns a high authority site. They can sway their followers’ purchasing decisions simply because of their authenticity and trustworthiness.

Another process your SEO consultant can perform is native advertising. This is when an ad appears naturally in content that’s published in reputable publications like Huffington, Forbes, Inc., etc.

To know what SEO marketing steps to take, it is best to identify what your business’ goals are and relay them to your SEO consultant.

What is seo guru (seo hero)

An SEO guru (aka seo hero) is someone who is highly knowledgeable about SEO. They are aware of the best practices for search engine optimization as well as the latest updates from search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Because the SEO industry is always changing, an SEO guru should be able to adapt to these changes. He should be able adjust his strategies based on the updates released by search engine companies.

If you’re hiring a local SEO company for your business, the SEO consultant should be a guru himself. He should be knowledgeable about the best ways to rank your site in search engines while ensuring that your site doesn’t get penalized. The SEO consultant may employ multi-lingual SEO if your business is international. He may also utilize tools like an SEO toolbar to identify your site’s strength and weaknesses.

When looking for an SEO guru, it’s important to consider their experience. They should at least have some experience working with a site that belongs in the same niche as you. This allows you look into how effective the SEO consultant really is.

While working with an SEO guru sounds like the best idea, it’s important to note that the success of your site does not rely on him alone. As a site owner, you should also be knowledgeable of basic SEO. This allows you to provide your input in the campaign. Maybe you can provide better suggestions than what your SEO consultant originally had in mind. After all, it is your business and no one knows it better than you.

What is seo job ?

When looking for an SEO hero consultant, it’s important to write out a proper SEO job description. This allows you to qualify skilled SEO professionals who can do the job of ranking your site. The more precise you are, the better your chances are of finding the right SEO consultant.

To start, your SEO job description must have the number of experience you require. The most ideal is at least three years. During this timeframe, the SEO applicant should have already worked with several sites with a case study showing what improvement they have done for the client’s business.

They should be able to perform SEO keyword research, SEO meta description writing, SEO hosting, and on and off page optimization. It’s even better if the applicant has undergone SEO training. This means they are certified for SEO skills and are knowledgeable of basic SEO.

In the complicated world of search engine optimization, the SEO consultant acts as your guide. Not only does he perform tasks that help rank your site, but he also helps you understand why such tasks should be performed.

This is for your benefit. The better you understand what tweaks are being applied to your site, the more input you can provide in the campaign. After all, SEO isn’t all technical. Some of it is marketing to. And when it comes to marketing your business, your SEO won’t know it all. You must provide your own insights on your business as well for the SEO campaign to succeed.

What is seo keyword tool ?

When it comes to SEO, choosing the right keywords is one of the most important things to do. After all, these keywords are what users type on search engines when looking for a product or a service. If your SEO consultant can find the right keywords, use them on your site appropriately, and apply them on your off-page SEO campaign, it’s only a matter of time before your site begins to gain visibility in search engines.

One of the best SEO keyword tools to use is Google Keyword Planner. This tool allows you to look into the details of certain keywords such as number of searches and competition. It also provides suggestions on keywords based on what your niche is.

If you’d like to narrow your search, you can do an analysis by location. This lets you look into keywords used by your target area.

Once your SEO consultant has performed an SEO site checkup and identified the optimal keywords, he can proceed to on-page SEO. This is the process of optimizing your site by applying the keywords on the content.

Why optimize the content? Well, content is considered to be an important ranking factor. Search engines love informative and engaging content. By ensuring that your site’s content is compelling and has the right keywords, you are exercising one of the best practices for SEO. Make sure your SEO consultant doesn’t skip doing keyword research. It’s one of the keys to ranking for organic SEO.