What is seo report ?

At the beginning of the job search, “submitting report” should be one of the tasks that you include in the SEO job description. This helps the SEO consultant to know what your expectations are.

When working with an SEO consultant, it’s important that they present to you an SEO report at the end of every month. This outlines what improvements they have done to your site and what else needs to be worked on.

Because SEO can be quite technical, your SEO consultant must be able to talk to you about certain points that you may not understand. It’s either that or they make sure that their report is written in layman’s terms.

When creating a monthly report, your SEO consultant (real seo hero) may use an SEO software to automate the process. There is nothing wrong in doing this but your SEO consultant should be able to tweak it so it is at least presentable to you as their client.

The report will usually contain the progress a site has made such as site speed, number of visits per page, ranking change in search engines, and etc. It may also contain other details such as the SEO backlinks he has acquired during the outreach process.

It is important to bring up any concerns you may have during the reporting stage so that your SEO consultant can apply changes to the campaign where there is needed. He may discuss SEO vs SEM with you to emphasize the importance of each or may focus on building your social media presence.