What are seo site checkup ?

An SEO site checkup is one of the first things that your SEO consultant will do before anything else. This allows him to determine what needs to be fixed and what can be left alone. Some of the most common issues that SEO professionals encounter when performing an audit of a site are the following:

– absence of site map

– slow loading pages

– unoptimized mobile version of the site

– unresponsive website

– lack of content and duplicate content

– confusing navigation page

– spammy backlink profile

– absence of social media profiles

Not all sites have this problem but those that are just starting out will usually have these issues. Your SEO consultant may first talk to you about SEO vs SEM and describe the difference between the two. SEO focuses more on the site while SEM is more geared towards outreach.

Once your SEO consultant is done with the SEO site checkup, he may begin to research for keywords using an SEO keyword tool. An SEO keyword tool will help him determine what keywords will give you the best chance of being found by search engine crawlers.

Aside from ensuring that your site is presentable to users, your SEO consultant will also ensure you’re your social media presence is up to date. He maty employ YouTube SEO or Facebook SEO. This depends on what social media platform best fits your business.

Always communicate with your SEO consultant to ensure that the action steps he takes are aligned with your business goals.