What is seo optimization ?

SEO optimization is one of the basic things that an SEO manager (or seo hero) will do on your site. It’s one of the first and most important things an SEO consultant will do because your site is what represents your business.

Forget off-page SEO or YouTube SEO. If your onpage SEO isn’t in tip-top shape, there’s no point in doing SEO at all. This is why your SEO consultant must focus on your site before doing any outreach.

He may start by doing a technical check of your site. He may check for the following:

– if the site loads fast enough

– if the site has a sitemap

– if user navigation is easy

– if important pages have content in them

– if the right keywords are used in the content

– if the site’s images have the right keywords

– if the backlink profile contains low quality spammy links

– if the site has contact information

These are just the basics. By checking for these, your SEO consultant can perform the required actions in order to help your site rank in search engines. In return, your site gains SEO traffic which would be impossible to gain if it weren’t for the tweaks

After the basic SEO optimization has been performed, your SEO consultant can now proceed to doing outreach. This is meant to increase your site’s ranking even further by linking to high authority blogs who can help increase your site’s authority.