What are seo ranking factors ?

There are several things that make up a well-optimized site. Before hiring a freelance SEO, it’s important that you know what SEO ranking factors are. This gives you an idea on what to prioritize as well as qualify the right SEO consultant depending on what their priorities are.

One of the biggest search engines, Google, looks into so many factors. Below are just some of the things that they consider when ranking your site:

– domain age

– bounce rare

– dwell time

– keyword in title tag

– keyword in h1 tag

– content length

– page loading speed

– user-friendly layout

– breadcrumb navigation

– mobile optimized

– guest posts

– diversity of backlinks

– natural link profile

– local searches

– social media shares

Once you have hired an SEO consultant, he may begin to use an SEO analyzer to see what tweaks your site needs. He may also use other software to perform other tasks such as studying your top competitors, checking your backlink profile, and finding high authority sites related to your niche.

He may also perform additional tasks such as Facebook SEO or influencer marketing. While these steps are not a requirement, they serve as an additional step that can help to further your site’s ranking in search engines.

Whether it’s to establish a social media presence or gain more traffic to your sales page, SEO ranking factors play a huge role in helping you achieve your goals.