Special web hosting for seo

When trying to rank your site with the help of an SEO consultant, you might wonder, what does web hosting have to do with how my site performs on search engines?

After all, if you’ve already performed actions such as SEO link building, SEO YouTube, and on-page SEO, then what else is there to do?

Aside from security, SEO backlinks, and keyword optimization, page speed is another factor that search engines look into when ranking your site.

This is where your hosting comes into play. If your web hosting service provider offers a function called “optimize website”, then by all means take advantage of it.

If your SEO consultant’s SEO training covers SEO web hosting, make sure to speak with them about this. They may be able to help you communicate your needs with your web hosting service provider or assist you in switching to another provider that allows optimizing a website.

The optimize website function automatically compresses all your site’s files before they are delivered to your audiences. This option is usually available in your cPanel.

If your web hosting cannot provide this, you may want to consider moving your site to another one. If you do, you want one that not only offers this option but whose server is also located in the same area as your target location. This allows search engines to rank your site base on the location you want to appear. If your site is being hosted in another country, there’s a chance that your site will rank lower in search results.

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