WordPress and seo

WordPress SEO is the act of optimizing your site using the WordPress platform. Because WordPress’ system is already well-optimized, many business owners choose to set up their site using this CMS.

If you’re hiring a local SEO company to do your local SEO, they should at least know how to do it WordPress since it’s one of the most popular platforms out there.

One important thing you must do when doing WordPress SEO is to optimize your page titles. This is the first thing a user sees in the search results therefore it should contain informative but brief content describing what the page is all about.

Other items that you should optimize (place appropriate keywords on) include the following:

– meta description

– headers

– images

Once you’re done taking care of the content, it is now time to clean up your code. This is the act of making tweaks to your code to ensure that the site loads as fast as possible. The faster it loads, the better chances you have of retaining the user.

While performing WordPress SEO, your SEO consultant may need to utilize tools like an SEO keyword tool and an site analytics tool. This allows him to get insights on your users as well as gather keywords to be used on WordPress. Other additional steps may include social media such as SEO Facebook, SEO YouTube, and SEO Instagram. The type of channel your SEO consultant uses will depend on where your target users regularly hangout.