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What is seo hosting ?

Your SEO web hosting is the first most crucial part of your site. Without it, your site would not exist in the first place. Any SEO consultant will tell you that you will need to have a proper SEO web hosting first before they can even begin executing a campaign for you. To start, you […]

What are seo tools ?

For an SEO consultant to perform properly, he must have SEO tools at his arsenal. This tools allow him to do his job efficiently and get the best insights that will let him decide what next best step to take in the campaign. Because SEO professionals have different degree of specialties, it is expected that […]

What is white hat seo ?

When working with an SEO consultant, you’ll want to make sure that he only employs white hat SEO. This is to ensure that your site remains in good standing in search engines and not all the way down at the bottom of search results. If that happened, you will have to start all over again […]

What is seo training ?

In order to get the best professional SEO consultant, you must check to see whether he has undergone SEO training. Although it is not a requirement, it’s definitely a plus since it shows that he is knowledgeable of the basics of SEO. It also encourages him to employ white hat SEO. When he knows the […]

What is seo traffic ?

SEO traffic is the result of your site getting optimized for search engines. Provided that you work with a very well-skilled SEO consultant, you are guaranteed to enjoy not only a high ranking but also lots of potential customers. Getting SEO traffic isn’t an overnight thing. It takes months and maybe even years of hard […]

What are seo techniques ?

Each SEO consultant will have his own set of SEO techniques that makes him distinct from other professionals. There is certainly nothing wrong this as there no hard-fast rules to SEO. In this industry, experimentation is fully encouraged unless it is blackhat SEO. Blackhat SEO is the act of manipulating search engines results in a […]

What is seo report ?

At the beginning of the job search, “submitting report” should be one of the tasks that you include in the SEO job description. This helps the SEO consultant to know what your expectations are. When working with an SEO consultant, it’s important that they present to you an SEO report at the end of every […]

What are seo ranking factors ?

There are several things that make up a well-optimized site. Before hiring a freelance SEO, it’s important that you know what SEO ranking factors are. This gives you an idea on what to prioritize as well as qualify the right SEO consultant depending on what their priorities are. One of the biggest search engines, Google, […]

What is seo link building ?

Once your SEO consultant is done performing on-page SEO, the next step in the SEO process is off-page SEO or as what others would call it, SEO link building. This is the act of reaching out to relevant high-authority sites and building relationships with them. Soon, these relationships grow into partnerships which helps you gives […]