What are seo techniques ?

Each SEO consultant will have his own set of SEO techniques that makes him distinct from other professionals. There is certainly nothing wrong this as there no hard-fast rules to SEO. In this industry, experimentation is fully encouraged unless it is blackhat SEO.

Blackhat SEO is the act of manipulating search engines results in a way that goes against search engines’ rules. Search engines like Google have penalized several sites as a result of employing these techniques.

An ethical SEO manager will use white hat techniques to help your site rank in search engines. He only works with SEO leads that understand the true value of organic SEO and will refuse to do business with those who want instant results. Instant results in the SEO world is almost always synonymous with blackhat SEO.

Before your SEO consultant begins to employ his SEO techniques, he may use a tool like an SEO keyword generator to help him determine what keywords will best get your site found by search engines. If your SEO consultant has worked with a local SEO company before, it’s a plus since it means he will be knowledgeable about local SEO.

With a skill in local SEO, he’ll not only be able to target general keywords but local keywords that will target potential customers in your area.

Of course, this will depend on whether your business thrives on local customers. If not, then local SEO is not necessary but for the sake of establishing your presence in your area, it is encouraged to do so.