What is seo training ?

In order to get the best professional SEO consultant, you must check to see whether he has undergone SEO training. Although it is not a requirement, it’s definitely a plus since it shows that he is knowledgeable of the basics of SEO.

It also encourages him to employ white hat SEO. When he knows the consequences of blackhat SEO, he is likely to avoid it and will lean more towards doing ethical SEO.

When an SEO consultant has undergone SEO training, he should also be able to perform standard SEO tasks. He should at least have an SEO keyword tool to help him identify what keywords give a site the best chances of being found by search engine crawlers. Being able to do a site checkup is also a must. This lets him diagnose problems that’s preventing your site from ranking.

He may also create social media profiles that are a good fit for your business. This helps you gain visibility in social media which is one of the things search engines factor in when ranking your site.

If your business has an app, your SEO consultant should be able to do app store SEO which is the act of optimizing your application to appear in the top results of app stores like Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Whatever your site needs, your SEO consultant should be able to communicate these steps with transparency. The clearer they are, the better you can be at setting expectations for your business.