What is seo traffic ?

SEO traffic is the result of your site getting optimized for search engines. Provided that you work with a very well-skilled SEO consultant, you are guaranteed to enjoy not only a high ranking but also lots of potential customers.

Getting SEO traffic isn’t an overnight thing. It takes months and maybe even years of hard work. This depends on how well-optimized your site already is from the onset of the SEO campaign.

In order to enjoy a high SEO traffic, your SEO consultant will need to perform several SEO tasks which will benefit your site in the long term. One of the things he might do is to get https SEO for your site. A domain with an SSL certificate (https) is much more secure compared to one that doesn’t (http).

He may also tweak your SEO titles, optimize your page content, fix your sitemap and perform Facebook SEO. The steps that your SEO consultant will take depends on what your site needs.

Not all sites are the same so your SEO consultant should be able to provide a tailored solution and not a one-size-fits-all one. Whatever the strategy may be, one thing you must avoid is an SEO professional who uses black hat SEO. These techniques go against search engines best practices and therefore should not be used.

Not only do you risk getting your site penalized but also your business. It’s hard to redeem a site’s ranking once it has been penalized.