What are seo tools ?

For an SEO consultant to perform properly, he must have SEO tools at his arsenal. This tools allow him to do his job efficiently and get the best insights that will let him decide what next best step to take in the campaign.

Because SEO professionals have different degree of specialties, it is expected that they won’t be using the same tool. Some may do best with Facebook SEO so they use a tool like Coschedule’s Headline Analyzer to create captivating Facebook headlines. Others may use a tool like Open Site Explorer to learn more about a competitor’s backlink profile.

The SEO tools your SEO consultant uses will depend on what his strategies are. But one standard tool that every SEO professional must have is an SEO audit tool. This lets him have a look at the problems that may be preventing your site from ranking in search engines.

Tools like Seooptimer, MySiteAuditor, and Zadroweb’s SEO auditor are just some of the popular tools used by many SEO professionals. There are thousands of tools available on the internet but as what was said before, it all depends on what your SEO consultant’s priorities are.

Some tools are good at detecting on-page SEO problems while others are better at identifying technical problems. Once your SEO consultant has determined these problems, it is now time to do some tweaks. Whether it’s keyword stuffing, SEO web hosting, or a slow loading website, there is sure to be another tool that will help your SEO consultant do his job.