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What is offsite seo ?

The success of websites and blogs today largely depend on their SEO methods. Onsite and Offsite SEO practices help in boosting the visibility and ranking of your website. Onsite SEO practice might be an easier process for you but for Offsite SEO an Seo hero is your best bet at achieving great results. What is […]

What is a NSEO ?

An Seo hero can only be considered an SEO guru if they not only help you raise your search engine rankings, but also help you defend yourself against negative SEO (NSEO). What is negative, SEO? Like the name implies, negative SEO refers to practices that affect your search engine optimization ranking negatively. In the wild […]

What is 301 redirect ?

It is sometimes necessary to redirect one URL to another. While doing this, you should know the best practices or at least check with an seo hero, keeping in mind that you do not want to lose any value from your SEO ranking. A redirect is an approach to send both clients and web crawlers […]

App store and seo ?

As mobile applications become more popular, an Seo hero is required to fully comprehend App Store SEO (also known as App Store Optimization or ASO). While ASO is not as complicated as search engine optimization for the web, it is still necessary to know how to utilize it properly to get the best visuality of […]

what is negative seo ?

If your site has been penalized for an act that your Seo hero did not do, then you are probably a victim of negative SEO. Not to be confused with blackhat techniques, negative SEO goes against all search engine optimization’s best practices as it intentionally brings a site down to the very bottom of search […]

What is multilingual seo ?

Once you have succeeded in implementing an effective SEO strategy for your website, the next logical step to take is multilingual SEO. This is the act of making your brand go global by creating non-English versions of your website. While some companies implement multilingual SEO from the very beginning, this is only possible if you […]

What is meta keywords seo ?

The meta keywords SEO tag refer to the keywords used on a page. While this tag is not visible to the user when they look at the page, it can be viewed by looking at the page’s HTML. The purpose of the meta keywords SEO tag is to provide keyword hints to search engines and […]

What is local seo company ?

If your site/business relies heavily on a local client base, the reasonable thing to do is hire a local SEO company. Local SEO is not easy; it needs a skilled professional who has a lot of experience in your area. They know who your potential partners and competitors are. This allows them to craft an […]

what is local seo ?

If you own a business and you want to increase your visibility on search engines, local SEO is one of the steps your Seo hero must take. Unlike your average SEO campaign, local SEO is a bit different since it requires you to acquire a different type of link. Instead of reaching out to high-authority […]

what is freelance seo ?

There are several ways to handle your site’s SEO: do it yourself, hire an SEO firm, or hire a freelance SEO specialist. If you’re just starting out, hiring a freelance Seo hero is the best option. Why? SEO professionals possess the knowledge and skills that can help your site succeed in the most efficient manner. […]