What is a NSEO ?

An Seo hero can only be considered an SEO guru if they not only help you raise your search engine rankings, but also help you defend yourself against negative SEO (NSEO).

What is negative, SEO? Like the name implies, negative SEO refers to practices that affect your search engine optimization ranking negatively.

In the wild wild west of the internet, an Seo hero must be prepared to recognize these tactics and act accordingly. Whether the negative SEO attack was done for harm or fun, it still affects your page views, search visibility, and in the end – your bottom line. By using link farms to discredit the trustworthiness of your site, or duplicating content from your site on multiple spam websites, these tactics can cause great harm to your ranking.

An SEO manager can combat these tactics, at least to a point. One way to help avoid encountering these practices is to incorporate HTTPS SEO. This simply means changing your URL from an unsecured link to a secure one. Secure links are universally recognized as beginning with https instead of just HTTP. Data sent via HTTPS is encrypted, keeps its integrity, and proves authentication that this is the correct website.

Google and other search engines give higher status to these secure websites since they are more trustworthy. Thus, a good Seo hero or SEO manager should without delay address this matter with you, if your site is currently not secure. Contact an Seo hero for further questions related to negative SEO.