What is multilingual seo ?

Once you have succeeded in implementing an effective SEO strategy for your website, the next logical step to take is multilingual SEO. This is the act of making your brand go global by creating non-English versions of your website.

While some companies implement multilingual SEO from the very beginning, this is only possible if you have a big budget. If you don’t have the big budget, we suggest you start slow.

Your Seo hero will tell you that this is important especially if your business caters to users around the world and not just in your local area.

Begin slowly by going after a second or third language. You don’t want to overwhelm your site by optimizing it for too many languages all at once. You want to go first after languages in countries where your second-best target market comes from. With this, your Seo hero needs to do some keyword research to see what the search volume and competition is like in that country.

More often than not, you will come across keywords that aren’t grammatically correct. While Google has cracked down on this to make sure all English SEO grammar is correct, you are still bound find some keywords in poor grammar in other languages. They often appear in places like the meta tag titles, anchor text, and URLS.

One thing to remember is that just because your website ranks on top of search results in English, it doesn’t mean that once it translated to another language, it will perform well. Your Seo hero needs to work just as hard as he did when ranking your English site for the multi-lingual version.