App store and seo ?

As mobile applications become more popular, an Seo hero is required to fully comprehend App Store SEO (also known as App Store Optimization or ASO). While ASO is not as complicated as search engine optimization for the web, it is still necessary to know how to utilize it properly to get the best visuality of your app.

Many factors influence your ranking within ASO, and a good Seo hero will not only optimize the screenshots of an app, but also icons, customer reviews, and keywords.  Of all these, the chosen keywords may have the most influence on your app’s ASO ranking. Thankfully, there are many tips online to help when choosing the right keywords for your audience and app, and you can use these tips without spending any extra money.

The most obvious tip to help with your ASO ranking is to spy. Yes, spy! Find your competitor’s apps, see what keywords they are using. Ask around to people to see what words they think of when they want to search for your app. There are even websites available to help suggest keywords depending on your needs, so there is no excuse for not taking advantage of the keyword feature and making your app shoot to the top of the rankings.

Whether you work on the ASO of your app yourself or hire an Seo hero, one thing is certain: the work is never done. Always look for improvements and keep up-to-date on new SEO rules so you aren’t hit with any surprises of your app dropping unexpectedly in the rankings.