What is youtube seo ?

YouTube SEO is the act of optimizing your YouTube videos for video results. The SEO definition is derived from the name of the platform and SEO which is search engine optimization.

This can apply to both since Google has video results and so does the platform YouTube itself.

Before optimizing your videos, your SEO consultant will need to perform SEO keyword research first. These keywords will be applied on later to help your videos gain visibility.

The keywords that are commonly used in video search is terms like “how to”, “reviews”, “tutorials”, and “funny”. Because users have a different intent with video search compared to web search, it’s important to place yourself in the mind of the user.

“If someone were to search my video on YouTube, what would my ideal user type?” is a question you must ask yourself.

If your user wants to learn about SEO, he may type “how to 301 redirect seo”, “set up wordpress tutorial”, or “reviews yoast plugin”.

Make sure to discuss this with your SEO consultant so he can tailor his strategy according to your user’s intent. Once he is done with keyword research, it is now time to apply these keywords in the appropriate areas such as the title, description, and tags.

Of course, no amount of optimization will work if your video is not good. You must ensure that your video is actually worth-watching before you can expect to attract viewers.