What is seo writing ?

After your SEO consultant has done all the basics such as setting up SEO web hosting, securing an SSL certificate, and created a sitemap, the next step in the SEO process is to look at your site’s content.

Your content is one of the most crucial parts because this is what compels users to visit your site. It informs them what your site is all about as well as educate them about the niche that your site belongs to.

This is where SEO writing comes into play. Back in the old days of SEO copywriting, spinning was the trend. Your article didn’t have to make sense and it would still get crawled by search engines.

That isn’t the case today as search engine crawlers are becoming smarter. Not only can they read text but also context. This means that they look into the whole text to understand why a keyword is in it instead of simply acknowledging that a keyword appears in a text.

With this in mind, one of the SEO best practices for writing content is to ensure that keywords appear naturally in a text. They must make sense otherwise your site might get penalized for keyword stuffing.

If your niche is highly specialized, you SEO consultant may recommend a subject matter expert to write content for you. They are able to articulate ideas correctly and avoid misusing jargons. That’s something that a standard SEO copywriter won’t be able to do.