What is seo toolbar ?

An SEO toolbar is one of the most essential things your SEO consultant must have in his arsenal of software. It allows him to efficiently perform his task by showing all the information he needs to see in one toolbar.

Not all toolbars are the same. Some generate information as soon as you visit a webpage while others require manual data entry before it generates insights.

Whether it’s for SEO vs SEM or organic SEO, one thing is true, an SEO toolbar will make a world of a difference to your SEO consultant’s workflow.

Some of the more popular SEO toolbars shows data like PageRank, Page Authority, Domain Authority, links to domain, site age, monthly unique visitors, estimated traffic value, directory links, and more. This information is very valuable when it comes to SEO linkbuilding and competitor analysis.

If your SEO consultant has undergone SEO training, he should be able to utilize an SEO toolbar. If not, you may need to provide the training for him. Most tools provide their own course for how to use their tool. Some tools are also pretty self-explanatory and require no training at all.

Because each SEO toolbar serve a special purpose, it may not provide you data that is comprehensive enough for your needs. It is best to use at least 2-3 toolbars to supplement what one may be lacking. This gives you a better picture of your whole campaign and helps you make better informed decisions for your business.