Seo tools free

The SEO industry is a rich source of SEO tools free that many professionals can take advantage of.

Be careful to not use tools that encourage black hat SEO. Spinning tools that produce hundreds of content in just a few seconds is an example of a black hat SEO tool. No matter how efficient or helpful a tool may be, if it encourages practices that goes against search engine rules, you should not support it.

When working with an SEO consultant, he should have at least some of these SEO tools free at his arsenal:

  1. Analytics tools

Free analytics tools like Google Analytics and Open Web Analytics lets your SEO consultant have a look at your site’s performance whether it’s how a user behaves on your site or what keywords your visitors uses before arriving at your site.

  1. Keyword research tools

These tools give your SEO consultant insight on what the most used keywords are and how competitive they are. Some of the best free keyword research tools are Google AdWords Keyword Planner, Ahrefs Keyword Explorer, and WordStream Keyword Tool.

  1. Link analysis tools

These tools let your SEO consultant analyze your link profile as well as help you locate sites that would be a great source to get links from. You can identify which sites are secure (https seo) and which ones aren’t. You also get a look at how well your competitors are doing and try to get links based on their backlink profile. Some reliable link analysis tools include Google Webmaster Central, Link Suggest Tool, and Xenu Link Sleuth and SEO hero.