What is spider ?

An SEO spider refers to a tool that an SEO consultant would use when trying to crawl a site. Why it’s done could be for several purposes whether it’s discovering duplicate content, identifying broken links, analyzing page content, and more.

When trying to find an SEO consultant, “knows how to utilize SEO spider tool” should be in the SEO job description. It is one of the SEO best practices since it allows SEO professionals to make informed decisions about the campaign.

A popular spider tool used by many professionals is Screaming Frog. It’s a very comprehensive tool that lets you crawl a site extremely fast and show results in real time.

With a tool like Screaming Frog, your SEO consultant can generate XML site maps, review meta descriptions, find broken links, create a custom robots.txt, and more.

Once your SEO consultant has performed the basics of on-page SEO, he may move on to more sophisticated steps like Facebook SEO. This allows you to increase your presence on social media which is another ranking factor considered by search engines like Google.

Make sure to speak with your SEO consultant about the steps that he will take to help your site rank. Transparency is very important because it helps you understand why certain actions need to be performed. You also get to chime in based on your knowledge about your business. It is your business after all and no one knows it better than you do.