What is seo software ?

Before you hire an SEO consultant who has met all the requirements in your SEO job description, it’s important to know first whether he has existing SEO software at his arsenal. These tools allows him to perform his job smartly and efficiently. Considering that SEO is all about strategy, your SEO consultant should be utilizing tools that are highly useful. Below are just some SEO software that are very handy:

  1. Screaming Frog SEO

This tool allows you to crawl website URLS and analyze a website. From meta keywords SEO to blocked URLS, Screaming Frog SEO will tell you what it is in your site that needs to be fixed so you are better seen on search engines.

  1. Copyscape

Since you will be employing SEO copywriting services during your SEO campaign, it is important to know whether the content you’re receiving is original. Copyscape lets you know whether a piece of content is duplicated from the internet. If it is, it will tell you the percentage amount of the content that was copied from the original text.  You want your SEO copywriting to not only be compelling but also 100% original so be sure that your potential SEO consultant has this tool.

  1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics lets you collect data that can be valuable for your business. Whether it’s the age and gender of your users or how they navigate your site. This is one of the basic most important tools your SEO consultant must have since it provides so much insightful data.