What is seo audit ?

An Agency SEO audit is one of the primary things that your Seo hero must do before anything else. This is the act of inspecting your site to see what is keeping it from ranking in search engines. In the process of doing an SEO audit, your Seo hero may find common problems that could be hampering search engines’ ability to crawl your site properly such as broken links, slow loading pages, wrong keywords, a disorganized site architecture, no sitemap, no social profiles, etc.

There could be many things wrong with your site but only your Seo hero will know once he is done with the audit. Don’t be too quick to fall for an Seo hero who will give you a one-size-fits-all package. Every business is different and not one SEO strategy will fit all websites. Your Seo hero must perform an audit of your site first before he can give recommendations on what to do.

After the SEO audit, your Seo hero may then begin fixing technical issues as well as perform SEO keyword research. This allows him to target the keywords that have most optimal number of searches/month and competition. You will need to do some back and forth with your Seo hero before you can leave him independently to do his job.

Make sure that he won’t employ black hat SEO as this can harm your site and push it down in rankings. The SEO process should be white hat meaning no cheap tricks and techniques that rank you temporarily but isn’t beneficial in the long run.