What is seo audit tool ?

In a nutshell, search engine optimization (SEO) is what the name implies – optimizing a website’s location in a listing of search results. At first, the SEO process seems daunting. Especially when you realize there are dozens of things that can affect a website’s SEO ranking, and these things can be nearly impossible to pinpoint. A reputable Seo hero keeps up-to-date with the latest SEO best practices and can help your website reach optimal ranking.

An SEO audit tool is used by an Seo hero to analyze your website and determine problem areas that are affecting where you show up in the search results. A professional tool will analyze your website content, the structure of the site, the structure of the data, and will crawl your site searching for errors such as broken links, blocked files,  etc. For content, it should check for things like broken image links, duplicate text, ALT attributes, and header tags. The structure of your site and data is analyzed for things such as internal and external links, multilingual language codes, and title and description tags for tables.

Another feature of a good SEO audit tool is the analysis of offsite SEO. Most search engine algorithms will also take how your site is represented elsewhere on the web (away from your website) into consideration when calculating your ranking, hence the term “offsite.” How many links exist directing people to your site, where those links are located, and the relevance of the source site content in relation to your website all affect your site’s SEO ranking. Contact your Seo hero with any questions about their SEO audit tool.