What is seo analyzer ?

Everyone wants more visitors to their website because more visitors equals more business, which in turn equals more profit. One way to try to attract new visitors is by purchasing online advertising space, such as the ads you see via Google or Yahoo when you are surfing the web. These ads are usually paid for “per click.” For each visitor to your website that arrives via your ad, you pay a corresponding fee usually determined by how competitive your keywords are for the ad. This practice is commonly referred to as SEO PPC (pay per click). Any SEO company can help you attract visitors by ads, but a good Seo hero knows that you won’t get very far on ads alone.

Where you show up in the search listings matters, and that’s where an Seo hero excels. Many experts consult an SEO analyzer tool to determine areas of improvement for your website to help you achieve higher search rankings. These tools determine your ranking score depending on many factors: SEO friendly URLs, ALT image tags, loading time, meta tags and description, SEO hosting and many others. The higher your score, the higher you appear in search engine listings. These things could make a difference between your website appearing as the first or second returned results and showing up on the third or fourth page of listing results! Talk to your Seo hero about any questions regarding SEO analyzers or search engine optimization in general.