what is facebook seo ?

Facebook provides a big opportunity for marketers to increase a webpage’s visibility online. If you want to increase your site’s chances of being seen by your target users, being present in the biggest social media platform, Facebook, is the way to go.

It also makes your site look good in search engines as social signals are one of the factors they consider when ranking your site.

If you have a Facebook page, Facebook SEO is one of the things your Seo hero should be looking into. A properly optimized Facebook page enhances your presence online and will likely result in more conversions.

Below are the steps your Seo hero must take when optimizing your Facebook page:

  1. Create a page name and stick to it. It must be a brandable name that represents your site and your offer.
  2. Customize your Facebook URL and use your brand name.
  3. Fill out the important details on your profile including your primary photo, cover photo, about page, category, phone number, and address.
  4. Sprinkle important keywords throughout your About Us page.
  5. Implement a call to action. Facebook allows you to choose among 7 types of call to actions for your page including: Book Now, Sign Up, Contact Us, Shop Now, Watch Video, Play Game, and Use App.
  6. Take advantage of the description field when posting an update by including keywords in your descriptions.

Be sure to speak with your Seo hero about these steps. Missing one could be detrimental to your site/page’s success on Facebook.