What is free seo tools ?

SEO may sound like a complicated subject that only your Seo hero can tackle. While this is partly true, it doesn’t mean that you can’t perform some SEO actions yourself.

With the help of free SEO tools, you can get a good idea of how well your site is doing in search engines as well as gain insight on what you should do to increase your online presence.

Below are some of the best free SEO tools that you can utilize.

  1. Google Analytics

Chances are, your Seo hero is probably already using this tool. Google Analytics shows you important figures like the number site visitors, page views, average time spent on each page, and more.

  1. Google Search Console

Google Search Console gives you a glimpse of how your site appears in search engines. It also provides you suggestions on how to help make your site better.

  1. Google Keyword Planner

This tool lets you to look into the popularity and value of your keywords. Based on that, you can decide which keywords suit your site best whether it’s high or low competition, short or long tail keywords, etc.

  1. Moz

Moz has a wide variety of free tools you can use such as Open Site Explorer which shows you your site’s domain and page authority as well as your backlink profile. Another tool is Moz Local which shows you your site’s state in local citations.

Share with your Seo hero the results you have discovered when using these tools. While SEO professionals tend to be comprehensive, it’s always better to have more than one person keeping an eye on your website’s performance.