What is ecommerce seo ?

E-commerce has become a huge part in people’s lives. Think of any item you would buy at the mall and you most probably can find it in an e-commerce website.

Today’s e-commerce market has grown in competition as a result of the increasing number of people who use the internet to purchase products.

This requires every business owners’ Seo hero to take the extra step of optimizing their site for search engines so that they appear in the top results. This is called e-commerce SEO.

Unlike traditional SEO, e-commerce SEO takes a bit more work since it involves optimizing several pages depending on how many products you have. Your Seo hero will need to look for the right keywords and apply it on the appropriate pages.

Once you are done with your keyword research, the next step is to look at your site’s architecture. Is it easily navigable? How many clicks does it take before the customer finds the product they’re looking for? Site architecture is important because this impacts the user’s experience. You want your user to quickly get to key pages otherwise your bounce rate will increase.

Another important thing your Seo hero must look at when doing e-commerce SEO is page content. Once the user reaches the product page, you want to provide them with as many details of the product as possible. This means there must be product image and a description. This informs the user what the product is all about.

There are many more factors to consider but the ones discussed above are the most important when it comes to e-commerce SEO.