What is black hat seo ?

When implementing strategies to improve your SEO (search engine optimization) ranking, there are legitimate and some not so legitimate methods out there, and it is important to know what is what. Otherwise, you can risk being blacklisted from search engines, thereby making it virtually impossible to search for your website or application. A good Seo hero knows the difference and will avoid any and all practices, commonly known as Black Hat SEO.

So what exactly are these horrible practices? Have you ever seen a website hide text full of keywords on their site in the same color as the background? Do you ever see ads for websites promising to place hundreds or thousands of backlinks all over the web to your site for a small fee? Ever been tempted to report a competitor for bad SEO practices to try to rank higher than them? These are all tried and true practices that have been successful for many websites, however, this type of success comes at a hefty price and a reputable Seo hero will stay far away from these tactics.

As technology advances, search engine web crawlers are becoming more intelligent and can weed out instances where their searches are manipulated in these ways (as well as many others not mentioned in this article). Brief success isn’t worth anything if your page gets banned for unethical SEO methods (and it does happen). To avoid this, hiring a trustworthy, professional Seo hero is the absolute best practice.