What is seo company ?

seo company :

Hiring an SEO company is a crucial step to ensuring success with your business’ long-term SEO campaign. Landing the wrong one could mean a failure for your business –at least in the online world. We give you a quick checklist on the questions you should ask the SEO company before you decide to hire them.

  1. How many years does your Seo hero have in search engine marketing?

The Seo hero must have at least a few years of experience in the industry.

  1. Can I have names of clients you’ve done SEO work for in the past?

Check out the client’s site. Does it have all the tell-tale signs of a properly optimized site? It should have a user-friendly design, proper keywords, broken links have 301 redirect SEO, etc. This will give you a preview of how the SEO company implements their service.

  1. How long will it take before my site begins to rank?

This lets you know whether the company’s Seo hero employs white hat SEO or blackhat SEO. If it’s as quick as three months, then their Seo hero is probably doing blackhat, in which case, agencies like these must be completely avoided.

  1. How do you plan to do SEO link building?

Link building requires lot of effort. If the SEO company makes it sound as easy as buying links, then you don’t want to work with them They are likely to buy their links from spammy, low-quality websites which can reflect poorly on your business.