Extarnal or internal seo ?

Staffers vs Pros and Specialties

A lot of companies are tempted to cut corners by hiring an internal resource to tackle their SEO goals.

While this may save money in the short term it deprives companies of an external set of eyes to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the business that provide valuable unaffiliated insight. This approach also ignores the specialties of specific consultants who have years of experience in a particular field offering invaluable information on what is and isn’t working in the market, trends, analysis and cutting edge resources to see better results over the long term Also full time staffers represent an increase in overhead which is the antithesis of SEO consultancy.

The desired result is to make businesses money through specific and targeted action on an as needed basis. Hiring external consultants allows a seo company to focus on achieving its corporate objectives without the interference of added duties.